Mobile Oil Change Business – Is There Any Competition?

Not long ago, a 34-year old mechanic had contacted me about setting up a mobile oil change business in the Midwest, quartzbanger he wondered if that made any sense. Specifically, he was interested in the upper Midwest and more East than West. Apparently, the economy had nearly tanked there, and he need to find work, and thought owning his own business might be the right ticket. Specifically, he was wondering;

“My reason for researching แทงบอล77 into the industry began with a want to create this industry if it was not been created already. How long has your company existed and how quickly have you grown? Do you have any direct competition at this time?”

These are all typical questions and they need answering, Mobiele bar so rather than answering these questions only once, I decided to turn this into an article-like dialogue for all Internet readers. First, yes, there is direct competition in almost every major market in the US.

Now then, supermoz with regards to my personal experience in the industry, and a brief history of what I’ve seen over the years, I will explain that too. You see, our company grew organically because we started in the mobile car wash and truck wash business, so we already had customers asking for the services, this was way back in the 90s. The Mobile oil change concept has been around forever it seems.

Folks in the 60s and 70s were doing mobile mechanical repair, mobile mechanic in the 80s mobile oil changing started becoming more popular. By the 90s there were several major markets with very sophisticated competition. In Tampa and Houston there were franchising operations, also in New Jersey. Then one sprung up in AZ, another in SC.

There is growth potential in the Midwest, luxurylinensireland and right now I like the North Dakota area due to all the trucks and fleets moving in to take advantage of the oil industry boom. In the DC area there are a few start-ups boasting about their 2-3 million in venture capital, but it’s not that easy, meanwhile there is solid competition throughout VA and has been for years.

I’ve seen companies in NM, CO, OK, WY, KS, MO, WV, OH, IN, IL, natu-real WI, MI, IO, NE. So, I wouldn’t say that the market doesn’t exist, it does, but it isn’t mature, mostly fragmented. I’ve had a couple of MBA students do business plans on this type of operation before, and they had always done research and told me that competition does exist, and there are suppliers of equipment, v vehicles and all sorts of things almost in every state.

Okay so, that leaves us to the next question, and I thank my loyal listeners for sending me inquiries so I may share that information with all of you. Until next time, keep up the good work America. For more info please visit here:-


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