Using Rapid Prototype Plastic Parts As End Use Parts

Possibly the most surprising thing about the FDM process is the fact that it can be, Bioderma and is, used to create finished parts. FDM parts are made from a robust ABS blend of industrial-grade thermoplastics that is actually stronger than standard ABS! In addition, FDM parts can be smoothed, sanded, machined and painted to deliver parts that can be put into use immediately. In cases where the parts are painted, it is very hard to tell the difference between an FDM and a molded plastic part! realdetroitweekly

Many are now referring to this direct-manufacturing process as DDM (Direct Digital Manufacturing). DDM can help your company see many benefits. Here are just a few:

• Rapid Deployment – When a components design is complete, manufacturing can begin immediately. Just moments after the CAD data is complete, bankdeets manufacturing can begin because there is no production delay while waiting for tooling.
• Low Capital Expenditure – Eliminating tooling not only reduces time-to-market, it also reduces the cost for manufacturing. With DDM there is no need for tooling. Therefore, ddm the initial cash outlay to ramp up manufacturing is dramatically reduced.
• Unlimited Complexity – DDM promotes the design of parts for the best performance. Since DDM constructs parts with an additive fabrication process, like fused deposition modeling (FDM), the design complexity is unlimited.
• Freedom to Redesign – Equally powerful to the design freedoms offered by DDM are the new-found freedoms to redesign a part at any time in the product lifecycle and as often as desired. Since tooling has been eliminated, there is absolutely no penalty for product redesigns. 24dollsde


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